Print Service Manager

Print Service Manager is world’s first free software that allows users to easily manage the printing service of Windows. It allows users to intuitively start, stop or restart the print service. Most importantly, it allows users to forcibly clear the print queue in case documents are stuck in the print job list.

Software Features

  • One click start, stop and restart of print services avoiding system restart.
  • Compatible with most home, business and server variants of Windows Operating System.
  • Force clearing of print queue in case of undeletable print jobs.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • 100% free software.
Screenshot of Print Service Manager Window

System Requirements

You will require Microsoft DOTNET Framework 2.0 in order to run this application. In case you do not have the mentioned requirements, kindly download the latest dotnet framework redistributable package from:

Download “Print Service Manager” – Downloaded 0 times –

Case Study

Read my personal case study to find possible scenarios where this software can be useful:

27 Replies to “Print Service Manager”

  1. Can this app handle multiple printers installed in one machine? For example, I have 3 printers installed and shared in a network. Only one of these printers I need to monitor and need to Cancel/Purge all printer queue every now and then. How can I do that using your app?

    Thanks, Rey

    1. This application will clear the entire printer queue of all local printers attached to a computer. There is only one printing service in Windows, irrespect of the number of printers attached. Thus, stopping that service stops printing of all printers.

  2. Thank you so much.  I am running Win7. My HP 5P laser printer died in the middle of 5 print ques. I hooked up a HP4L to the computer, it installed the 4L in wihth the 5P. I could not get the print ques deleted so I could delete the 5P printer that was no longer there.
    Your “fix” worked well. I got all of the “old” 5P drivers uninstalled no problem once the print que cleared. I could then rename the $l to my favorite default name.

    1. Hey Ken,

      Was damn late in replying to you. Thanks a tonne for sharing that you liked this. It would definitely add confidence and vaue to me and this application.

      Do let me know, if you have any feature request or anything other issue you face with this.

  3. hi shamasis.
    i am looking for a software that can reset the ink level of an HP printers that coneccted to an cis systems.
    thank you

    1. There are various ways to reset ink level of HP Printers. This is something that is not recommended by HP for reasons. However, hitting: “reset ink level of hp printer” on Google will give you a very good set of result. Apply the one that is meant for your printer.

  4. When displaying your screen on a wide screen monitor, I cannot read what is your left side display box clearly. Can you reset your screen displays?

    1. @Filipe :: You will have to run as an administrator. Win7 does not run applications as the administrator by default.

      When starting the application, press CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER and/or CTRL+SHIFT+ or – Run as administrator..

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