Clearing Print Queue in Windows

It has happened with me a number of times that documents got stuck in my print queue like super-glue ((!

Perhaps it was the wrong document or maybe the wrong printer chosen. In any case, going to printer options and cancelling/deleting the print would result in all but the last document being stuck at “deleting…” state in the printer queue. Nothing would remove that last document from the list of print jobs. And you know that until that small little document is not cleared off the list no other work can be done without getting distracted! Continue reading “Clearing Print Queue in Windows”

Calibrate Tablet PC Screen

It all started when I decided to do a clean install of Windows Vista onto my HP TX 1000 Tablet PC. In order to remove the set of unnecessary applications that come pre-installed in their PCs, many users prefer doing a fresh install of the OS from a standard installation media (not from the recovery disc.)

The issue: Facing error while calibrating the Tablet PC screen in a fresh install of Microsoft Windows Vista. Continue reading “Calibrate Tablet PC Screen”