JavaScript Drag Events on iPhone and Other Touch Based Devices

For quite a while this week, we were trying to work on dragging JavaScript elements on iPad and other devices with touch input. For our case, we already had jQuery included in our codes, hence we were tempted to use the touchmove event and depend on native jQuery to do the rest.

Things turned out to be a bit trickier. After implementation, it struck us that with jQuery bound events, event.pageX and other related mouse coordinate attributes would not work. Add to that, we were using the jQuery.event.drag plugin by ThreeDubsmedia to seal of the dirty job of drag-related coding.

Armed with the above two problems, we started to do what we thought would be the fastest solution – modify the jQuery.event.drag plugin for a graceful upscale!

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Load jQuery Plugins Only When Required (Runtime)

I have often observed that websites that are template-driven (like blogs, cms, etc), tend to load all the required scripts and css in every page. One such example would be WordPress blogs with plugins for various types of content processing (overlay, tooltip, animation, etc.) Every page of such a WordPress driven site loads the relevant plugin stylesheets and javascripts, even though it might not be required for that particular page.

Here is a jQuery code I wrote in order to load prettyPhoto jQuery plugin (prettyPhoto homepage) only when required. This process can also be applied to other plugins by analyzing the plugin triggers from within the rest of the page content.

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