Mouse Switcher

Mouse Switcher is a simple addition to your Windows 7 user experience and productivity. It allows you to switch between all open windows by using the scroll wheel of mouse alone.

The ability to switch application, combined with Windows 7 aero peek, allows you to access all open windows with the convenience of mouse scroll wheel and without having to reach out to the keyboard Alt+Tab.

Application Features

  • Switch between open applications by scrolling over Windows taskbar.
  • Avoid using keyboard to switch applications.
  • Totally unobtrusive and seamless integration with the operating system.
  • Dramatically low memory consumption and CPU usage.

Mouse Switcher is a very useful addition to the Windows 7 features without any additional bloat. There are no annoying dialog boxes, no annoying system-tray icons; only a single start menu entry to manage the application!

The application does not consume any CPU time while it is idle. Only when you are switching applications using it, that it consumes a meagre 0.01% of your resources. While Mouse Switcher is running, it consumes even less than 1MB of your memory.

Using This Software

To be able to switch windows using the mouse wheel, simply move your mouse pointer anywhere over the Windows Taskbar and start scrolling. This will open up your familiar Alt+Tab application switcher. Here, you can continue scrolling in order to reach the application to which you desire to switch.

Now simply move your mouse pointer out of the Taskbar area for the switching to take effect. To cancel switching, simple click on the taskbar or press the escape button.

Clickless Switching

Once an application window is selected by using the scroll wheel, simply moving the mouse outside the taskbar area switches to the application. This is called click-less switching. This feature is enabled by default and can be easily turned off using the configuration manager.

When this is turned off, one needs to click on the application window thumbnail on the switcher in order to focus on it.

Mouse Switcher Configuration Window Screenshot

Download Mouse Switcher

Download [Download not found]

Post install, execute “Configure Mouse Switcher” on Start Menu in order to run the application.

Note: This application is designed to work on Windows 7 and above only. Result on previous versions of Windows would be unpredictable.

Release Notes (Version 1.0)

This release of mouse switcher is known to have some issues on laptops where the touchpad is used to scroll. However, if used with a mouse, this issue is fixed.

Post installation, the user needs to open the configuration window once or reboot the system in order to activate mouse switching for the first time.

Very rarely, users may encounter double shifting of application (i.e. two application items are skipped when scrolling.) This can be fixed by killing the extra “MouseSwitcher.exe” process using the Task Manager.

This application is designed to work only on Windows 7.

26 Replies to “Mouse Switcher”

  1. It’s not working for me.
    System: Dell laptop with win 7 sp1 64 bit
    Mouse: Dell
    Disabled the trackpad and rebooted but still dosn’t work.Pls help.

      1. I do not know to give you what.

        My spec.

        Windows 7 home premium
        service pack 1

        Intel(R)Core(TM) i5 CPU
        M 450 @ 2.40GHz 2.40 GHz

        RAM 4.00GB (3.80 Use is possible)
        64 bit
        Pen-inputting and a touch input cannot be performed on this display.

        I reinstalled twice.
        However, it cannot do.

  2. i like your idea i setup program to try but it doesnt work i have win 8 x64 with StartIsBack 2.1.2 i think this it is problem

    1. I don’t think that StartIsBack is the problem here. In fact, to be honest, I hadn’t extensively test this after Windows 8 was launched. Since, I use internal Win32 API to get this software to work, I have a hunch that this software itself is not working on Windows 8.

      I intend to put some time on this in the coming month. Will keep you posted.

  3. Hello, is the application still available for download? It looks like something super-useful, but I can’t see any download link.

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