Batch Image Processor

Batch Image Processor is the easiest to use application that can resize all your images at once. The main aim is to provide a software that has the least number of settings for users to manage. It is simple to use and does its work automatically.

Why use this software?

  • With this software, you can resize and compress a set of images for emailing or for sharing with others.
  • You can also resize your Digital Photos to a more manageable size before uploading to various photo-sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa or Orkut.
  • You can resize images of different dimensions to a fixed size using this software.


How to use this software?

  1. Put all the pictures that you need to resize in one folder.
  2. Run this software and select your required dimension of the image.
  3. Select the folder in which you have put your images to be resized. And you are done!

The resized images will be put under a folder called “Processed Images” under the selected working directory.

Usage instructions and Screenshots:

Feature List

Batch Image Processor has powerful features that work all by itself. It has no “advanced settings” that a user needs to adjust. It simply works!

  • Wide Image Format Support

    Batch Image Processor can process JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF format image files.

  • Process an Entire Folder

    With Batch Image Processor, you can work on all image files within a folder. No need to individually select each file and resizing them. In case you want to resize individual files, put them in one folder and run Batch Image Processor.

  • Lightning Fast Processing

    Advanced resizing algorithm, efficient and well-mannered programming ensure fast image processing on almost all systems. Added to this, multi-threaded approach speed up processing in multi-core CPUs.

  • Aspect-Ratio Independent

    Your resized images are exact copy of the original. Whether it is portrait or landscape, it remains like that even after resize. Just provide the maximum width you need and everything else will be taken care of.

  • Works in Background

    In case you are processing many files and you need to work on something else on your computer, don’t worry. Simply minimize the application while it is processing and it will continue working in the background without interrupting your work.

  • No Adware or Spyware

    This a guarantee! If you have downloaded this software directly from this website, it is guaranteed that it contains no adware or spyware.

Advanced Features

  • Advanced Resizing Algorithm

    Separate algorithms for shrinking and enlarging of images ensures sharp and crisp images from all resolutions. Automatic optimizing of image quality depending upon the required image resolution reduces image size while keeping an almost-original image quality.

  • Dynamic Scalable Multi-Threaded Application

    Multi-threading enables this application to better-utilize the processing capabilities of any system. However, dynamic scalable threading ensures that it does not over-use the available processing power. This allows users to continue with their work while Batch Image Processor processes the images.

  • Staggered IO Management

    Following an Staggered IO environment between memory read and disk write of two consecutive images, reduces overall processing time of large number of files. It also ensures that unnecessary memory usage is prevented by not following the traditional way of speeding up processing by converting large sequential IO processes into pipelined ones.

  • Stable and Process Isolated UI

    The Image Processor threads are under total control of the UI and can be easily cancelled at user’s choice. This ensures a stable performance and avoids application lockups.

  • Application Crash Safe

    Your original image files are opened in isolated read-only mode, such that even under any rare occasion that your system locks up, your original images will never get damaged.

Download Batch Image Processor


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System Requirements:
Any system capable of running DOTNET Framework 2.0.
You will require Microsoft DOTNET Framework 2.0 in order to run this application. In case you do not have the mentioned requirements, kindly download the latest dotnet framework redistributable package from Microsoft website.

If you have any query, feedback or if you want to report a bug or request a new feature, you may do so at the Project Feedback page.

6 Replies to “Batch Image Processor”

  1. Hi

    Great small application and one I have been looking for, for a while, just needed a good small portable image re-sizing app and this works great, cheers.


    PS: Need to change the title above the download link from Download Notepad Mobile

  2. Good day, Shamasis Bhattacharya!
    Surprisingly good program: I am happy that I found it. Recommend it to my daughter that she is not tormented by displaying their photos on the Internet.
    I tried to increase the size of photos: the file size even slightly decreased! So in fact it should be: You are optimizing images!
    The main thing do not install and work with the program is very easy and simple.
    Bad that only 195 downloads: You must be more to advertise your program. And there will be more happy people!
    Thank you very much. Have not tried yet your text editor, but I think he is too good.
    Sorry for the bad english (translate from Russian by
    Good luck in your projects!

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