Religious Stupor

Just how much can the peak of hypocrisy tolerate? Had human brain been a readable book, I guess being dirty, pervert, dishonest, evil, etc would have had a different meaning altogether. And that telepathy is still not sold at the Radioshack, should give us all a tinge relief.

Today, I came across this on my apartment staircase. I have nothing much to say about this.

Demonition of Demi-God

Shattered pieces of glass shine like diamonds under the light but remain dead when engulfed by the blazing darkness.

Not physics, rather the hint is towards the realm of metaphysics. Beleif, faith, religion, fanatics, riots, death, blessings, miracles, why.

When we put that ten rupee note into that man-made box marked “donations,” why don’t we ever wonder who actually gets that money?

What power makes the mountains stand tall and live out the test of time?
What drives the physically challenged to searched for imaginations in a light-starved cave?

What, why and where? Would you had believed, if you knew that He was not omnipotent or omnipresent?
Men in history were revered for their omnipotence and omnipresence. Hitler, Mussolini. Gods?!

Why then is he locked by the bars? Why then is he left to the scorching heat and the dripping clouds? Why do beggars swear by him? Why does even they-who-must-not-be-named also wear the shrines?

He… nothing but a “significant remnant of our superstitious past”