Fate of Silhouette (Part 3)


p class=”small lowlight”>These picture (the entire set) is shot of Second Hooghly Bridge from the Outram Ghat.
Extremely low light caused some noise in the pictures due to low exposure, which in turn is due to the unavailability of a tripod!

Fate of Silhouette (Part 2)

PS: Thanks to Shubho for his wholesome patience while I shot the frames. And also thanks to Srinivas Kumar, whom I met only a few weeks ago (on the net) and he told me how to use “depth-of-field” effect of my Camera.

La Internazionale (Part 3)

Yet some more hypocritical frames of my La Internazionale Series! And nothing much to say on them. Just enjoy the pictures, reflect your ideas as comments and (maybe) use them as your wallpaper!


Note that for the 2nd picture (of 2nd Hooghly Bridge,) I have used a 10 ansi 35 mm Lumen filter, which I borrowed from an uncle of mine.




p align=”center”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

Hapless Gemini

And when you come ‘down’,
To my city of amorous joys.

Amidst a social chaos in a plethora of faiths,
Fantasizing and prostituting religion,
Loud vociferation of hypocrite secularism
And to sum it all: “a diverse culture!”

Amidst constituted vindictive politics
Unaccounted powers, vested by unaccounted population;
Where every ballot is a dramatized guillotine –
In the world’s most comprehensive constitution.

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Beginning What Already Begun

And if life was a flute: living then would be like air, hitting every blocked orifice till it finds a vent; and with every hit, losing an index from the exponent.

Trudging along for a long long time (in a very surreal definition of time itself,) I find that many of the frames that I imagine, fail to hit the canopy of the creative viands. Mostly so because “thoughts” by itself iareso sublime a mentation (or intellection) that mere images fail reciprocate the so-called “perifery” of the process. And that is why we are so ardent about the presence of a sixth sense.

Result? Well… few more lines! Yes. I have decided to key in a bit more of sentiments, with ofcourse the framed rudiments. And to begin it, I have resurrected my abstract’s name. (I prefer calling it a abstract, than a blog.)


p align=”center”>“Passe-partout”

Do reflect what it conveys to you (the name.) For a beginning of thing that has already begun, I will associate “short” thoughts to each frame I present. I will not go into mainstream (read: long-stream) blogging. Short, sweet and skin-friendly! 😉

* * *


Like the rudderless wind that envys the peaceful and pre-traced life of a stream and ignores its own infinite limitlessness, this unspoken man curses his job and trudges along – though having sold more joys than just Multi-National ice-creams.

The feeling of returning (wherever who cares,) coaxes the world to fall into sludgy haze; intoxicating you more than what any inebriant can get you to. The world slowly collapses into a blurred phantasm of imagination. Dream.

In the dreamy eyes: the world seems frozen. To the world: a dreamer lies frozen.

PS: Thanks to Romit’da for accompanying me to capture the above frame.


p align=”center”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

Bleeds When The Light

We all have heard of the greater light and the lesser light. Well, at least they had heard of it till here, in the Victorian era. And since then, besides the not-so-elusive knowledge of light, we have another form of light being thrown into the limelight… what else… nothing much, but the bulb and tubelight!

The first picture… nothing much to say about it! The same goes for the second. But, the third needs to be told about. And if the guesses were true then lets break that it is the flood-light of the Eden Gardens!

PS: All my credit goes to my dear Romit’da, who helped in his own obcynic ways to get some pictures. Even betting his life in cases!


p align=”center”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)