The Challenge Of Solitude

It was around five and the evening sky was overcast. There was a soft breeze caressing the trees and the tang of fresh leaves mesmerized the senses. An evening could not have been better.

There were just three passengers in the bus. Two of them were elderly men and the third was I. I had made myself comfortable on a window seat. And in my trance of observing the beauteous fiasco, I had completely forgotten to notice my newly embarked co-passenger. It was only when the flying dupatta hit my face that I turned around to have a look at her. She was the perfect picture to be enframed in the beautiful evening. By her soft and tender appearance, I guessed that she was in her late teens. The long flowing hair and the hazel blue eyes; I could not have been luckier – she was too beautiful to sit beside me.

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Too Lucky To Be Yours

As for me, I am a thirty-two year old spinster, living alone in my eleventh floor apartment. And if you too think that I need a physical fitness program, let me tell you that I get enough by beating around the bush, by jumping to conclusions, by going round in circles and by running down my boss! Who wants more? Continue reading “Too Lucky To Be Yours”