Objective: To be able to develop or capitalize a revolutionary computing framework that would enable better utilization of distributed resources, so that in the long run we could be cost effective and indirectly prevent wastage of resources.


Shamasis Bhattacharya


3+ years (2½ years as Proprietor and 8 months as Web Architect.)

Current Skills

DotNet, PHP, Advanced JavaScript, CSS, xHTML, VB, Project Management.


Team Lead, Technical Lead, System Designer/Engineer, Programmer/Analyst, Trainer.


BTECH (CSE) from West Bengal University of Technology.


[email protected].

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Entrepreneurial Initiative

In the year 2004, I started my own Web Application development proprietorship company “Twentyone Innovations®”.

With a peak employee count of seven, I began to lay groundwork towards the greater objective — overcoming the challenges towards designing a highly interactive information management process.

As early as 2004, I had started building frameworks on ASP, PHP and JavaScript to deliver interactive AJAX based web applications for content and process management.

Technical Skills

  • Object Oriented Programming using C++, C# and Visual Basic.

    Knowledge and implementation of threading, delegates, various reusable components, web-parts, etc.

  • Server side web applications using ASP and PHP.

    PHP5 object oriented implementations, own object-oriented classic ASP Library / Managed Framework.

  • Web programming using XHTML, CSS and AJAX.

    Thorough knowledge of cross-browser CSS implementation, CSS hacks, optimized and advanced JavaScript implementation with thorough knowledge of DOM manipulation, etc.

  • Database Management (MySQL) and Data Structures.

  • Embedded Device Programming using DOTNET CF3.5 and Native Embedded C++.
  • Preliminary knowledge on XSLT, JSON, SOAP, REST, ActionScript, and LUA.

Software and IDE:

Visual Studio, NetBeans, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, Zend Studio, etc.


DOS, Windows, Windows CE (Embedded) and Linux (Debian).

Project Management

  • Deployment, implementation and use of Mantis as project management software with SVN integration.
  • Resource planning, workflow analysis and project management using Redmine, Basecamp and other related tools
  • Deployment, implementation of SVN as source control, collaboration and QA tool. Project management, versioning and blame/issue tracking using SVN.


  • Package Management in Windows (2007) a proof of concept and implementation draft for a possible distributed package management system for Windows Environment. Presented at WBUT.
  • AJAX Roadmap (2005,) presented/reviewed at National Institute of Technology, Durgapur.
  • Published thirty-four (34) individual articles on various topics (12 cover-page articles) intended for The Statesman Voices supplement.

Software and Framework Released by me

  1. Feather Light Box (JavaScript LightBox)

    This is an amazingly small JavaScript LightBox framework that has been developed completely from scratch keeping three things in mind: (a) minimal footprint of just 4 kB, (b) CSS based formatting and (c) easy-to-use implementation similar to window.open()!

  2. Notepad Mobile (Windows Mobile Text Editor)

    This is a “text editor” for Windows Mobile. It allows you to open text (.txt) files and other text based files (.xml, .bat, .log, etc.) Its main features being high speed, small size and compatibility with most mobile devices running DOTNET Framework.

  3. Batch Image Processor (Batch Image Processing Utility)

    Batch Image Processor is the easiest to use application that can resize all your images at once. It is a showcase program to display my clean UI generation skills for WinForms, also implementation of scalable threading and other such advanced features.

  4. XAJAX (Total XML based AJAX Framework)

    A unique AJAX framework that allows total content management with the help of XML data structures alone.

  5. Windows Package Manager (Windows implementation of RPM and alike)

    A proof of concept and implementation draft for a possible distributed package management system for Windows Environment.

  6. Netanne (TCP/IP based Network Traffic Analyzer)

    As the name suggests, it is a network traffic analyzer based on pure TCP/IP protocol for communication. It has a web based remote management and API to integrate network load balancers.

  7. Smiley Extender (Chat client enhancement software)

    Software that would allow users to easily use hidden smiley in Yahoo Messenger. It would work on any text window and also had the ability to store text snippets, etc.

Recent Projects

  • FusionCharts Export Component (Save FusionCharts as PDF/Image)

    This is a comprehensive framework that allows users to export the famous FusionCharts Flash Charts into Image or PDF. This allows both client-side and server-side exporting and even adds batch exporting capabilities. It is an unique framework as it allows communication between AS2 Flash movies and AS3 movies by using intermediate JavaScript relay. See Demo

    Team Size: 7.  Role: System Architect, Technology Expert, Developer.
    Responsibilities: System Design, API Design, JavaScript Tech Lead and Documentation.

  • FusionCharts DOM (JavaScript DOM manipulation framework)

    FusionCharts DOM is an innovative JavaScript framework that helps users to include FusionCharts (industry’s leading Flash Charting Component) objects into their websites by simply including “<fusioncharts>” tags into their HTML documents. The framework automatically parses the DOM and converts these tags to proper HTML. Read More

    Team Size: 2. Role: Project Lead, System Design, Developer.
    Responsibilities: System Design, API Design, JavaScript Tech Lead and Documentation.

More Projects: There are over 20 more projects, I am presently in the process of compiling them.

Interests and Pursuits

  • Creative and Technical Writing
    • Draft articles for FusionCharts product marketing and technical support.
    • Had been an active writer as a coordinator/correspondent for The Statesman Voices (2001 to 2004.)

  • Travel/Trek, Music/Guitar, Photography, Sketching, Roller-blading and ice-skating.

~ updated April 2009.