Upgrading to Raspberry Pi Model B+

Often my OpenELEC Raspberry Pi would get stuck at pre-boot. The culprit turned out to be a faulty SD card connector. Unclipping the connector pins (as suggested in the elaborate diagnostic wiki on eLinux.org) and soldering on an alternate low-profile SD card adapter (that I ordered from crazypi.com) fixed it.

By that time, I had already ordered the new Raspberry Pi Model B+. My first impression – this is how the original Model B should have been designed!

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A mentally costly experience of buying a lounger

Beware: Owner wouldn’t think twice before fleecing money from you. If you’re a sharp person and not easily fooled, try your luck.

The above was my original review on Google Plus. The owner called me up on seeing the review and asked me to remove it since in his opinion, nothing had gone wrong. As such, I am doing a follow-up on the review here.

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Through a Distance

Everything big and bright eventually dims out when at distance.

Once upon a time, I felt that its just a matter of perception between what you adore and what you despise. Then I wrote The Orion Halo. Miraculously, its just getting more true.

Life Cycle Of Life

If living was just to stay alive, life would have been an infinite loop.

This, in a way, reminds me of a snippet of verse called “Life Again” that I had written years ago, precisely seven years ago.