Minor Bug Fix to jQuery Touch Drag Plugin

On 21st of June, the jQuery drag event plugin with iPhone (iOS) touch support was released. It has helped to add touch-based drag functionality to many existing web applications using the jQuery drag plugin. A minor update is released for this plugin that fixes the possibility of lack of touch-drag functionality on certain touch devices.

Release Information (2.0.1)

This release simply validates certain situations where this plugin would fail on certain touch devices. On updating the code, developers do not require to change anything on the application end. Simply replacing the original plugin with the new set of codes will do the trick.

Download Information

Head over to the project page: http://www.shamasis.in/projects/jquery-touch-drag/ for more information or use the download link: http://www.shamasis.in/download/jquery.event.drag-2.0.0-touch.zip to get the latest set of codes.

Project Review

This plugin is a modified version of the original jQuery.event.drag from ThreeDubMedia for emulating easy-to-use drag events like dragstart, dragend, etc. The plugin is focused on correctly simulating the drag events in a very usable way. jQuery UI also has such events coded within it. However, if one is just looking for the drag events, jQuery UI comes with an overhead of a lot of overhead codes.

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