The Purpose of Lucifer

Hello world, I am god.
On Earth, I had the dream to create life.

I am the one who painted green.
First, I weaved grass – they served a purpose.
They held onto the skin of my Earth.
Then chiselled trees with a different purpose.
I gave them fruit, knowing that someday
The fruits would serve some greater cause.

I got better at my skills. I ventured further.
Moulded animals.

Animals too had a purpose – some that could be seen,
And others that were soon to be seen.
Among others, I orchestrated earthworms – they served a purpose.
They cleaned the Earth.
Then crafted the birds, again with a different purpose.
The earthworms served them as well.

Soon, I realized that I could create anything,
Anything that could serve a purpose.
I knew whatever I did, would eventually be done well.
Derived no joy in dreaming painting, or weaving; my mind wandered.

That day, I lost my purpose.
And started searching for a different purpose of myself.

Not much later, I realized
Joy was not to have the different skills to create.
Rather, joy was in creating creations itself.
Joy was in making a system work
And the skills to achieve it would work its way.

The result was Man.
I gave it no purpose.

I lived my dreams.
Watched Man acquire skills and live his dreams,
Use the trees, the earthworms and the birds.
Watched them grow and watched them die.
Religion, caste, race, war, violence and murder.
Fire, elections, literature, hatred and love.
Watched them create God.
Watched until they started searching for purpose.

I, the creator of time and history, saw it being repeated.

Knowing that I knew what was to be known,
I sent them sorrow.
Ravaged the trees, shook the earth.
Plagued the food and boiled the sun.

Man created hatred,
Could not understand my purpose.
They asked how.
Could not understand the greater goal,
Never asked why.
(“God grant we never may have need of you.” – Richard III)
They saw what they wanted to see,

Man created Satan.
That is what I became to be.

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