Desert From The Other World

As world transpires into a moonlit desert –
Chilly, gray and with hints of colour.
The pale lush of the thorns,
Marking the edges of an otherwise serene horizon.

The cool breeze from the mellows of the dunes,
Carrying hope in form of whiffs from the sea.
Making me imagine myself walking barefoot
On the boundary of this world.

One plunge into the icy shore,
Under a million starry skies, knowing no bounds –
Like a scorpion inside a fish bowl,
Waiting for the sun to rise and flood the shore.

Dawns darkness with another ray of hope,
Coloured from the textbook
And the scent of the meandering muddy road,
Through the chilly desert.

Through a trail where the trees and grass grows alike –
Standing tall to the dusky moonlight,
Making my way for the horizon
Across the edge of the shore.

Rustling of dry leaves on the wet floor,
Sparkling tulips under the trapdoor,
Crawling butterflies on the dead sore,
All waiting to be transpired into our other world.

Through the rusty keyhole, dream sets sail on the balloon,
Kissing goodbye to the ground below.
Off to another land on the mountain floor,
With rocky beaches on the sandy shore.


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