Crossover To The Adversary

Deserted myself; blew up into the smoke,
Drowned in liquor; walked out of all ties,
Tied to posts and hung from the cliff;
Gasped for drown; vomited dragon.

Made more alone; walked out of body,
Flew off the ground; hit the clouds,
Blasted through the mountains,
Burnt into ashes; destroyed in oblivion.

Dark Fire

Bled to the last drop; slept into agony,
Tore into thousand pieces,
Scattered over pinhead,
Stepped into darkness; survived crash.

Made believe; forced cry,
Shuddered laugh; coaxed world silence.
Tortured listen; endangered pray, 
Allowed be preyed; grinned into embrace.

Jumped into the terrace; leaped off the ocean,
Tasted death; cursed angels.
Embraced the evil; battered the anger
Thirsted poison; faced celestiary.

Cusped the infinite; scraped the wounds,
Destroyed creations; respected fears.
Hid strength; satiated complacency,
Caressed unanswer; flowed into war.

Collapsed breath; turned off all lights,
Started a new death; conferred unto Satan.
Preached demons’ instructions; proved undefined,
Delivered ignorance; devoured innocence.

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