Humence Sans Foetus

From the abyss of the uncultivated she arose
To embezel the throne of myst and flair,
Holding on to the coins of merry
Unto the pity minds of the golden Æschere.

Embraced by Aphrodite in her moments of lust and shame,
Mutilated by the sceptre of glory,
Separated from the story of innocence,
In the heart of kindergarten and Canterbury.

Embodied and wrapped around the dust of the oceans,
Coloured with the wings of the dying sun,
She is our mère in clay; our sole source of persistence –
Albeit it is Her blood that we drink and dance.

Served the elixir of death flowing down the pool of Bethesda.
Devoured by the myrtle in the canvas of xylographic diasphora.
She is the dove that gave birth to the Phoenix from her ashes,
At a time when providence was both Hephaestus and Ares.

Wrecked by the works of General Sherman,
Kissed by the distaste of Mother Teresa,
Raped by the pimps from the world demarchy
The lone sentry still worships her – once one year, every.

Humence Sans Foetus #1 Humence Sans Foetus #2 Humence Sans Foetus #3 Humence Sans Foetus #4

These pictures were taken at Kumartuli, Kolkata on the occasion of Durga Puja.

11 Replies to “Humence Sans Foetus”

  1. This surely was a surprise for me. At first I thought that I was reading some sort of a quote of a classic poet. Then, when I saw the picture, I could smell traces of your hometown in the poem. And it is only then I realized that it is your work.
    Great man. Lots of hugs.

  2. Amazing poetry. Your language is a gift, not many have it. The dense thought  coupled with the power of your language elevates your poetry to a different level altogether. Mark of a sheer genius.
    Keep up the outstanding work.

  3. When visuals take a ride on words and travel the depths of heart,
    The soul, bit by bit,  cedes to the power of art.
    Great work  Shama.

  4. hmmm Images…..
    Well you need to look beyond the obvious. You are the nth person to go to Kumartooly and click…. nothing new here….
    U need to improve ur sense of framing and composition…read up on rule of thirds. when u have found ur subject move around him/her/it. Try the bugs eye or the birds eye veiw apart from the normal level of vision.  Be careful while framing…eg the image on upper left has the hands of the goddess missing.  Is that deliberate ? does that add to the image? Ask urself…..
    Dont forget to experiment…with angles, slow shutter speeds and camera shakes, apertures, flash, a combination of all of em…and more ! The idea is to have fun 🙂
    PS: I was told by a photo editor that a copyright stamp on an image makes the photo look very amateur.  If someone steals ur image of that traffic light…be happy ! Cause imitation is the best form of flattery 🙂

    1. Right and bang on target with my lack of technical / theoretical photography. 🙁 I just click, and in fact only one out of 50 pictures comes out well. But I promise that I will read up a bit more as I feel that, knowing whatever is available to know, is not bad at all. 😀

      I have with time reduced my copyright stamp from being a large text to just “@shamasis” … 🙂 I guess, its like a signature… maybe I will make it lighter and less noticeable.

      Thanks for your advice. And please do make sure that you are very specific and critical on ALL photographs I upload. Afterall, by criticizing me you are helping both of us. 😀

  5. well I never knew U can write ..did’nt get to see this side of Ur’s..but I presume coders can make good poets… after all “Coding is Poetry” :)..damn sure U will agree to this

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