Notepad Mobile 1.6 Released

With every new release, Notepad Mobile becomes more usable than before. But  with this release, Notepad Mobile has also reached a new milestone — Windows Mobile 6.5 compatibility.

In a nutshell, the change-log would read: (1) Windows Mobile 6.5 support, (2) Fullscreen text viewing and (3) Word count.

Windows Mobile 6.5 Compatibility

With a support for a wide range of devices running almost any flavour of Windows Mobile, it was imminent that Notepad Mobile would support Windows Mobile 6.5 as well.

WM 6.5 users can also run Notepad Mobile in the same way other WM users do. Simply run the executable from File Explorer and start working.

The screenshots on the product page have been updated to that of Windows Mobile 6.5 and it definitely looks sexy!

Fullscreen Text Viewing

This, in my opinion, is the most useful feature of this release. It gives more editable area to users by going fullscreen.

You can go fullscreen and zoom in at the same time for extremely easy text input. To activate fullscreen, simply launch the menu with right soft-key and select Fullscreen.

Word Count

This nifty little feature would let you know of how many words are present in your text and would also let you know of the total number of characters present.

Is it worth upgrading to Notepad Mobile 1.6?

Though the first feature will not appeal to any unless more devices support Windows Mobile 6.5 ((In fact, I had a hard time to find an official link for Windows Mobile 6.5)), nevertheless, fullscreen support and word-count would help many in their daily usage of this software.

Notepad Mobile is still the fastest .NET Framework based Text editor on planet earth! Download your copy now.

4 Replies to “Notepad Mobile 1.6 Released”

  1. Damn good software! Made me get back to writing stuffs on my phone. The zoom and fullscreen feature combined did really help such a person as me, who can’t get around one step without my glasses.

    That is why, I thank you.

  2. Notepad Mobile is very close to what I was looking for.  (Why is this so hard?)
    Notepad Mobile seems to be able to see only the limited 1-level folder subset with which M$ crippled their own products.  Can I interest you in using tGetFile ( so that users can reach all their files?
    Thanks for your consideration.
    (I have no connection to Tillanosoft, I just stumbled into this).

  3. Never mind about the tGetFile.  I loaded uo FileDialogChanger and gsGetFile and all is well.  I had let them fall off my list of “always-install” programs.
    Thanks for a fine product!
    Saving Humanity from Homo Sapiens

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