Generating Pareto Chart Data for FusionCharts

As soon as I read about Pareto Charts on FusionCharts blog and how it uses cumulative percentage on a dual-y axes graph to allow users to summarize data into segments, I realized that a simple script to generate the FusionCharts XML would help users generate such graphs.

For those who do not know what is FusionCharts, it is simply something that can convert your boring tables of data into sexy animated charts.

We have a simple linear column of data. And we need to generate the last column, which is the cumulative percentage of the entire series of data.

Label Existing Data Generated Column
Item 1 400000 40%
Item 2 250000 25%
Item 3 150000 15%
Item 4 100000 10%
Item 5 50000 5%
Item 6 50000 5%
Summation 1000000 100%

If you have your data, convert it to CSV ((Comma Separated Values)) and use this script to generate the XML to render FusionCharts Dual Y-Axis Combination Chart.

Run script to convert CSV to FusionCharts XML

If you wish, you could save the above script by right-clicking the above link and selecting “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”…

JavaScript to Generate Pareto Chart for FusionCharts

function generateFusionChartsParetoXML(SourceCSV) {
     var i, s=0,
         x = "",
         d = SourceCSV.value.match(/[^rn,]+/ig);
     for(i = 0; i < d.length; i+=2) {
         x+="n   ";
     for(i = 1; i < d.length; i+=2) {
         x+="n   ";
         s+=d[i]; // do summation
     for(i = 1; i < d.length; i +=2) {
         x+="n   ";
     return x;

Hope this had been useful.

2 Replies to “Generating Pareto Chart Data for FusionCharts”

  1. This is simple man! You should’ve made something more robust… say, uploading a CSV file and converting it to this FusionCharts XML

  2. I did want to do something in your lines. But, this is all I could do in 30 minutes! Out of which, 20 minutes went to formatting this blog post!

    Out of which, what I liked most is the one-line Regular Expression to convert CSV to array.

    var d = SourceCSV.value.match(/[^rn,]+/ig)

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