Curry Curry Night: “More” From WRishin

It was not long ago that Dhruva was discussing of how lightly he treads on others. And we were discussing how effectively Rishin does the opposite. That day made this fact even more apparent; the day we were returning from a sumptuous barbeque buffet.

Scared Dog

After a hard day of eating, peeing, dozing, working and checking out babes (pretty similar to our job profile,) our canine counterpart at Infinity Towers was taking a nap in front of gate number three.

It must have been like any other day for him – hot, humid, dull and busy. A good night’s sleep and perhaps some salivating dream is all what he cared for. Perhaps, he was fantasizing of “more” from his life; more of food, more of fun, more of things to sniff, and the rest Tanker can explain. Blue sky, laden with drops of ivory stars, clouds drawn with streaks of lilac and white, trees with lush green sprawl and mild wintry sprinkle of the sun.

Alas, the fantasy was not meant to last long. The golden sun slowly got devoured by an ecliptic proportion of opaque mass. The sky got overcast and the ground shook like earthquake of epic proportions. Solar eclipse and earthquake combo?  Even before the danger signal could reach his limbs, that huge mass thundered upon his body. Perhaps, in his dreams, he didn’t mean “more” to be so much more!

The population watched in a state of dazed amazement as the dog took its time to process the onset of inevitability: Rishin wobbling backwards and stumbling  onto a small space of sidewalk reserved for the night by the unassuming  member of the Canine Coalition Foundation.

Bewildered, the dog could not even howl in his usual way. It was a weird mixture of squeak, squeal, howl, moan and growl, served in a palette of confused emotions gathered within the small space of the upper and lower jaws. Poor thing, never had he imagined that such things could happen within the city. Until now, it was all in form of legends, traditionally pawed down by his ancestors. Stories of mammoths, elephants, giant bores and other such creatures that would make lives of (rural and wild) dogs, a living nightmare.

“Oh… sorry.” is all that Rishin could mutter and perhaps was effortlessly interpreted the same by our canine victim.


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