Pizza Mania at FusionCharts Lab

For the information of the rest of the unsuspecting  world, the images below illustrates the process of having Pizza at FusionCharts Lab. It has been long since our RnD team has been discussing about having something like a Pizza Chart (just kidding!)

And after closing down the sole Pizza outlet of Dominoz near our ex-lab, we are doing the same for Salt Lake Sector V.

FusionCharts Team members peacefully consuming PizzaSudipto eating Pizza while Parvez looks on

PS: We still are not sure why are we having these Pizzas! Will update soon.

Update 28th June 2009: Apparently, it was Saptarshi’s fake birthday that we were celebrating.

7 Replies to “Pizza Mania at FusionCharts Lab”

  1. Liked the pics it was fun ! sp the 2nd one of our gr8 Pizza revolutionary Sudipto who goes gaga over pizzas..  seems he can’t get enough of that slice[ guess its the 8th one?], BTW I have a inside news from Pizza Hut that he is going to be awarded ” BEST CUSTOMER” for the year..
    & my achivement is  I myself is not being  pizza fan,  1st time I had a full slice!!

    1. 8th Slice for Sudipto??!!! :O Can’t believe! I only got two and a half (with everyone nibbling on my third slice of Pizza!)
      Well… Sudhi… you do not have to be modest… Sudipto is infectious/contagious … soon he will infect you with Pizza Fetish!

  2. All thanks to Rajroop and Saptarshi. For arranging this secret treat! I am indebted to them.

    Long live fake/real birthdays (announced) ! I wish Saptarshi’s birthday gets repeated evey month (sub-conscious demand: eveyday!).

    I would highly recommend Rajroop’s performance to our Administrators. He is a necessity for me to survive free!

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