Released Print Service Manager 1.0

It is simply unbelievable how a small little incident such as not being able clear the printer queue, could spark off development of a software. And even more unbelievable is the fact that from design to release of the software it took just three hours (including website post)!

Screenshot of Print Service Manager Window

What does this software do?

This software allows users to very easily start or stop the printer service without running cryptic command-line codes.

Another thing it does well is to forcibly clean the printer queue. This is extremely helpful when print jobs gets stuck and become undeletable.

Who needs this software?

Everyone! This software is really light, does not add up to system resource. It just stays there for that moment when you need to clear that stubborn print job.

Go to Print Service Manager download page

Future Plans…

Version 1.1 will have any bug fix or usability refactoring.
Version 2.0 will allow users to view print logs.

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  1. This app has worked fine for me. However, is there a way I can run it from my USB drive? You see, I’ve many computers at work that face this problem, and installing a copy on each would be a pain. 😐

    1. I will mail you the standalone files. 🙂 If more people face the same issue, I will also release a portable version of the apllication.

      Note: It will still need .NET Framework installed in every machine, in order to work.

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