New Home For My Fortune Plant

After the unfortunate seismic disaster inflicted by one Mister Dhruva Ghosh, my little fortune plant finally gets a new home. All this while it was staying in a plastic cup, waiting for Dhruva to restore something a bit more tasteful for its living. However, almost after a month, I finally decided that I would get a new bowl myself and bill Dhruva. In fact, that is exactly what I am going to do first thing tomorrow (provided he turns up). INR 200/- for a new bowl +INR 140/- for stones from Nick Nish and INR 220/- for ice creams from Baskin Robbins. The total comes down to INR 560/- inclusive of taxes but excluding escort charges from Rishin (quite a fortune for a fortune plant that has a bad fortune for itself).

Fortune plant in my office

PS: Dhruva settled the account with us today (19th May) with FootLongs from SubWay. Rishin has (as far as I know,) put the escort service charges in bad debt account.

4 Replies to “New Home For My Fortune Plant”

    1. Ahem… This is a rather late rhetrospection, considering that it has been over ten days since you’ve cleared the invoice!

      In any case, it is all about marketing! How can you forget the establishment charges, service charges, freight and transportation charges and the exice duty for getting the stones inside FusionCharts lab!

      However, if you still intend to file a chargeback, we can do nothing more than go to the loo! 😛

      PS: We are still of the opinion that your business-after-3am is best suited for you. Do not try to venture beyond your vertical at this crucial juncture of your career.

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