Batch Image Processor 1.0.0b Released

During my regular use of computers, I realized that there isn’t a good software that does simple repetitive actions on images. What I wanted to do is simple resizing of a set of images before I could upload them to Orkut or Facebook. I always ended up opening a huge image processing software to do the job. Even while using dedicated image management software like Picasa, I realized that for simple resizing of images I needed to perform a large number of steps.

In my opinion, in today’s computing trend, resizing images should be as easy as selecting a set of images and then right-clicking to resize  them. In fact, Microsoft had released a PowerToy for Windows XP to do exactly what is being discussed in the context.

Batch Image Processor is the easiest to use application that can resize all your images at once. The main aim is to provide a software that has the least number of settings for users to manage. It is simple to use and does its work automatically.

Batch Image Processor Main Window

Product Highlights

  • With this software, you can resize and compress a set of images for emailing or for sharing with others.
  • You can also resize your Digital Photos to a more manageable size before uploading to various photo-sharing websites such as Flickr, Picasa or Orkut.
  • You can resize images of different dimensions to a fixed size using this software.

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Future plans

In the coming days, I intend to finally fix all bugs (as they get reported) in version  1.0.0b. Post that, I will set a roadmap for 1.5.0 that would allow some users to configure advanced processing settings. (I know that it may spoil the whole purpose of this software being simple, but trust me, the default algorithm will still be as intelligent as it is now!)

As the primary focus of this software is usability, I would want you to please post your feedbacks as comments. 🙂

3 Replies to “Batch Image Processor 1.0.0b Released”

    1. Image Resizer PowerToy for from Microsoft is less powerful than Batch Image Processor and also lacks many features. The PowerToy is for Windows XP only, while Batch Image Processor works on any system that can run DOTNET Framework 2.0

      In future, I intend to add a lot more features so that this product can be more usable. Even then, I am keeping a goal to make this product really simple to use.

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