NASSCOM Seminar to Make Websites Do More Business

Yesterday (April 21, 2009), we attended a seminar at NASSCOM on “How to Get More Business From Your Website.”

If you are a professional web developer or if you are an online marketing consultant, you would know what the entire seminar was all about. In a broader perspective, the talk involved a large spectrum of the following:

  • Search engine optimization
  • Website content organization
  • Online and offline marketing strategies
  • Being a good human being for the sake of profit (my deduction.)

It was my first NASSCOM seminar and I had no idea whatsoever as to which segment of population does this seminar cater to. Now, after the event, I have the following personal opinion:

  1. The discussion was more of a checklist refreshment for me. (Personally, if you ask me as a Web Architect, the points he mentioned are almost always addressed in all my designs.) However, it was good to see someone (from Kolkata) speak/think on the same lines as most “professional” developers do. Furthermore, the vibrant oration on the part of the speaker (Mr. Arun Agrawal from eBizIndia,) made the side-dish more palatable.
  2. The discussion was a standard palette of good online marketing and search engine optimization. In fact, when these two points  are addressed and added to the “usability” of the website, a website/service naturally becomes a hit (or a near hit).
  3. I could not comment much on the attendees. Neither were they introduced, nor were they present on any list. However, a good percentage of the crowd appeared as amateur professionals and young entrepreneurs. This is surely a good sign.

Beyond all this, what I can say is that such seminars of NASSCOM need some more of professionalism and hard work in order to catch attention of their members.

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    1. Well… in my opinion, all web development company should have someone who does similar SEO and online marketing for their projects.

      In fact, Indian clients should realize the importance of having a professional website.

      Many a time, I have observed that Indian clients dictate a lot as to how his website should look and does so without actual knowledge of web development. The resultant is that the website turns out to be unprofessional and useless.

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