A Payment

I won’t pay
Yes you would
No I won’t
Oh really?
You pay or she pays
Yes Her.

I don’t even know her.
Neither do I.
Then why?
I don’t know why.
Leave me alone.

Pay me, I go.
No I cannot.
Why not?
Coz I would not.

So, you ready to sacrifice?
Sacrifice whom?
Why her?
Because I choose to.

This doesn’t make any sense.
Oh it does!
You bet.
No way!
Oh come-on! Give me a break.

Yeah! That’s what I want!
Then why don’t you?
Coz first I want my payment.
Forget it!

Ok I will, but payment first.
Payment for what?
You know what.
I swear, I don’t.
Running away from truth?
What truth.
Don’t act.

You think you can get away?
I am not running.
Yes you will.
And why do you think so?

That’s why.
Oh! Why her?
You know why?
Coz you didn’t pay.

You pay. You run.
I run and what?
She lives.
Lives and?
Lets you pay.

I am confused.
Pay in peace.

Ok! I would pay
No you wouldn’t
Yes I would
Oh really?
I bet.

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