Review: Telebrands ‘Kevin Trudeu’s Memory Management Package’ commercial

All these books/course do nothing but “package” and remodel all those human memory management technique that are already available on the net or in books. If you are someone too lazy to research on the net or search through local bookstore and libraries, then I guess you can very well go for this and this-related products/books.

Don’t you think that had these claims that ’’the memory management technique will give you photographic memory in few days’’ is a bit stretched. Had it been true, then it would have been a drastic breakthrough in science and the technique would have made to the headlines. Schools would be adopting these techniques instead of other slogging methods! I am not saying that these packages are totally faux. But, what they claim to be is not 100% correct! All that saying that “your memory will be magical in 5 days”, etc are a lot exaggerated.

This book (and other such books) is extremely good if you are ready consider that it will “help” in improving your memory gradually by employing certain repetitive and tiring memory management techniques already in practice for hundreds of years.

Well, I am (was) most distracted by this Advertisement about Kevin Trudeau’s Memory Management Course on Television (Telebrands programme.) And so, I would like to put down some evidences. (We all write reviews. But, I am adding to my reviews, the evidences too.)

I am quoting few lines from these pages for your ease:
’Kevin Trudeau developed and hosted radio and TV infomercials for a range of products in conjunction with two infomercial production companies, Mega Systems, Inc. and Tru-Vantage, L.L.C. Many of the infomercials had names such as, ’’A Closer Look,’’ and were formatted to appear to be commercial radio and TV interview programs or talk shows, not the advertisements they actually were. Five respondents, including Trudeau himself, invented or manufactured the products or services that were featured in the infomercials and appeared in the infomercials promoting them.’’

’An infomercial for Kevin Trudeau’s Mega Memory System claimed that scientific studies of his system showed that it could help anyone achieve a photographic memory, even people with learning disabilities or low IQ’s. ’’Kevin Trudeau’s breakthrough techniques were developed while working with blind and mentally handicapped students,’’ the infomercial said. ’’Their recall ability increased from 15% to 90% in just 5 days,’’ it said, and stated that the techniques were ’’. . . guaranteed to work for you.’’ In fact, the FTC alleges, the memory system would not enable users to achieve a photographic memory, and the advertising claims were false.’

’To settle the FTC charges, Kevin Trudeau, who developed and appeared in all the infomercials, including the one for his ’’Mega Memory System,’’ will pay $500,000 in consumer redress and will be barred from making false claims for the products in the future. Trudeau will be required to establish a $500,000 escrow account or performance bond to assure compliance. Infomercial producer Mega Systems International, Inc., and its principal, Jeffrey Salberg, also will pay $500,000 for consumer redress. Kenneth Wright, inventor and promoter of ’’Eden’s Secret Nature’s Purifying Product,’’ and Roger J. Callahan, promoter of the ’’addiction breaking system’’ will each pay $50,000 in consumer redress.’’

Links to FTC cases:


You can have over 50 results of ’’kevin trudeau’’ at the FTC site:

What I am pointing out is that all these HIGH claims are false. They are just one of those simple books like ’’Learn Computers in 21 days’’, ’’Basic Tips to learn driving’’, etc. I guess our grandmother can teach us more than these if we pay attention to them.

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