BSNL DataOne DNS Troubleshooting

When I used to manually connect to my ISP everytime I wanted to surf, I did not have any DNS related issue. This was apparently because I used to stay connected for short durations of time (say, 6 hours.)

However, when I kept my Dataone connected for long hours using my Router, I faced major issues. The DNS failed to respond. The issue was not (only) latency, but also “uptime” and reliability. At certain times, some of the automatically assigned DNS tends to have high latency and also after long period of connection, the DNS tends to fail totally.

Using OpenDNS resolved these issues.
Nevertheless, I was a bit concerned regarding privacy issues. But, if we knew of the best BSNL DNS, issues will be solved without using OpenDNS!

Privacy Issues: Whatever non-ip you query will be first looked up using your DNS server and the corresponding IP address for the address name will be stored locally for a while.

Hence, OpenDNS gets to know our surfing habits and our IP addresses. And may know sensitive informations as well. I think, I would not like people to earn money by selling my surfing habits (something that spywares do at times). Its a personal opinion though. But, sensitive passwords will NOT be leaked, coz technically I know that DNS servers does not take in any “query strings.”

Also, I say that using a reputed public DNS is good. I advise never to try unpopular or less-known DNS as they may redirect you to phishing sites!

What are the alternatives to the DNS woes of BSNL? Any better public DNS? None

Interesting tests I performed from my home at Kolkata.
The results were obvious!

04:12 AM 19/05/2007
Query : (
Result: 6 value mean taken 3 as primary and 3 as secondary
(neglecting 1st lookup upon DNS refresh)

4.2.X.X (VERIZON) -> 0.312 (erratic) -> 0.312 (erratic) -> 0.296 -> 0.296 -> 0.375 -> 0.296

208.67.XXX.XXX (Open DNS) -> 0.313 -> 0.328 (not reliable)

218.248.255.X (BSNL) -> 0.031 (stable) -> 0.015 (erratic)

61.1.96.XX (BSNL) -> n/a (did not respond) -> 0.049 (stable)

X.X.X.X (Others) -> 0.234 -> 0.375 (not reliable) -> n/a (did not respond) -> 0.343

Inference is left to you people!

Out of topic info: I tried using these (non BSNL) DNS on my AirTel GPRS and trust me, it is in these connections (where ISP DNS sucks) you get to see improvements. AirTel GPRS (Mobile Office) got a significantly better performance using Verizon and OpenDNS settings.

One more thing: I think using one DNS of BSNL and another Verizon DNS as secondary would be good. What say?

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