Locked in Mesmerz

What if in your dreams, someone breaks into your house and knocks you down and you wake up the next day with a blow in your head. How long will it take for you to realize the difference between reality and dream?

Tanker and Archan at Princep Ghat

Waking up locked within dreams;
The Incandescent irony of truth and reality
The flawless cravings of an ideal tomorrow –
Built upon the faux hope of living through death.

In the blazing fire of the monster temple –
Forced from the third floor and on to the green bed.
Waking up in the hospital from a torrential earthquake
And still wondering about the consumed wealth.

Menstruating ones thoughts of recurring desires,
Of pain and trauma, of overwhelming happiness.
Lost among the innumerable strands of illusions
Caressing and cursing ones own existence

Drinking wine from a glassful of greasy sand
Unwound from an old temple of sumptuous nudity
Devoured upon the platform of worship
With the Holy Grail on the dismal aisle.

Sensuous loneliness encrowding the wrinkled mind
Speaks untold miseries of legendary deceptions
Framed through the deaf Dorian Gray
And involuntary deliberations.

Waking up within nightmares
Faces pierced with needles;
Pleading us all to open the door
And let me free out of my own sore.

16 Replies to “Locked in Mesmerz”

  1. its quite brilliant, the writing and the poetry juxtaposed together make for a wonderful piece of art. it is uniquely yours, keep up the great work.

  2. If I say it was awesome then it would surly be an understatement!!!! Not flattering you in anyway.They were inspirational. It did elevate me to a diffent plane!

  3. Wonderful pics ..
    its time i was looking for a new wallpaper 🙂
    Last one was from ur last post
    Plz post more often 🙂
    Just brilliant pics 🙂

  4. @chhandak: ‘novice’[email protected]#$ understatement deya ki cereal hoe daariyechhe?

    @manish’da: thanks (but i just loved ur queen-wala shot. )

    @anonymous-1: thanks dear. i would rather replace ‘elevate’ with ‘shift.’ coz i am not as deserving as to ‘elevate’ someone. (nt bein modest.)

    @euphoric dreamer: even i am waiting for some outstanding poems from you.

    @anonymous-2: I wish we could stop what we wanted to. *sigh*

  5. french e marquez porar idea ta kharap noy jodio! 🙂

    would have loved to talk to you.

    but i don’t have a pc. and i don’t visit cafes.

    hope we will someday, ..may be after you complete learning french.

    till then let’s interact through these blog posts!!

  6. It pricked me (the whole “write-up” coupled with the Princep Ghat pic)
    I have a similar story. (if I interpretted it right)

    -Sweet nightmares….

  7. @akaash: French would consume May/June! Will keep in touch.

    anonymous: You may relate the story someday.

    s: The answer to your question is very ‘general’… something that I would like to keep general for the sake of simplicity and acceptance. Maybe living for others is also a part of living for oneself.

  8. yeah!

    ..me too in a quite ‘busy’ mood!
    ..haven’t posted for a long time in my own blog!
    ..and think that wouldn’t post for quite another few months..





    ..yeah! would keep in touch!!

    happy learning.

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