Fate of Silhouette (Part 3)


p class=”small lowlight”>These picture (the entire set) is shot of Second Hooghly Bridge from the Outram Ghat.
Extremely low light caused some noise in the pictures due to low exposure, which in turn is due to the unavailability of a tripod!

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  1. Definitely among the best photography I have seen…..and about the column you have written, its true, good to read them to realise them.

  2. wonderful pictures ..
    the wide angle shots are just too good !

    The warm colour temparatures give a soothing feeling to the eyes and wonderful pictures ..

    I will have some of them as wallpaper surely !

  3. lovely pictures..apart from the ones you mentioned,i also loved the one with the 3 boats,with a single lantern in each..i second subhro on the point about the colour temperature.

  4. @dhruva: I am using Sony DSC H1 (specifications here)

    @arpan: Are you in love or crush?

    @Indresh: Yes and when these works will be worth selling, you will buy all shares of my company… ryt? LOLZ

    @shubhro: I see that you have keenly observed how the shots had been taken!! Thanks! And you observer correct… sign of a great photographer!!

    @2nd-anonymous: I guess you are a big part of it!

    @rwitayan: Yes! I myself lyked the picture… and especially the atmosphere of that picture!

  5. Definitely good pictures mate! But the writing was below par – sorry to sound so harsh – it simply lacked any elegant articulation.
    Better luck next time!

  6. @saumya: Thanks

    @manish: Thanks to you too! Your feedback is always appreciated. Point noted! Am trying to be less theatric in my articulations. Trying to be one more coffin in the yard.

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