Bushy Affair

Isn’t it weird that the president of a jungle turns out to be a bush?!

However, being one of the ‘beneficiaries’ of imperialism, I do not take the responsibility of the truth behind what I am going to narrate next. Certain facts have been purposefully twisted for the sake of national (read: personal) security.

At that time, it was “Simon Go Back” and now 1st March 2006 reeks “Bush Go Back!” And since when did our college group ever fall behind in community service? Thus, they decided to burn the effigy of honourable Mr. George W. Bush.

All set but nothing done. Arun (name not original) paid the would-be-leader, Aveek, (name not original) to get some straw for the construction of the framework.

“And the money to buy it?”

“Take it from the group’s fund!”

The straw was b(r)ought, and the duplicate was constructed. Quite identical I must say. With a grave deal of concern, someone enquired “the bermudas on the effigy looks familiar. Aveek, where did you get them from?”

“Err from Soumen’s mess.”

“Hey! That’s mine! How can you take my only set of bermudas?”

“Sorry. I mean… I will surely arrange for a replacement… later.”

A crowd gathered, slogans were hurled and the torch was lit. The left hind leg of the duplicate was set on fire… errr… “why isn’t the flame getting on to the straw?” Even I forwarded a curious look.

“Aveek, where did you get the straws from?”

“Err… from the nearby stable.”

“What? These straws are all wet!”


“And the money you took?”

“Ammm… cold drinks.”

Solution? Kerosene. Off went Vijay (name not original) to fetch a bottle of white-kerosene from the common room. In less than a minute the kerosene arrived and was sprayed on the effigy. The ignition key was pressed again and… “hey this is water, not kerosene!” The think-tanks began to rattle again.

Solution? Sun. Someone suggested that we leave the effigy to dry in the sun. All said again and a hole was dug on the college grounds and the effigy was hung from a bamboo pole.

The nearest window to the poor little effigy was that of the Principal.

“What’s this?”

“Sir, this is Bush.”

“What? It looks like straw to me.”

“Sir, I mean Mr. George Bush.”

“Oh! You should do something to identify him as Mr. Bush.”

Can someone please give the think-tanks a break? Off went Abhijeet (name not original) to fetch some paper cuttings. By now, most of us had dispersed off to our classes, except a few of the likes of me. Nevertheless, how can one miss such a show!

“Sir is it ok now?”

“Well… whom are you burning by the way?”

“Sir, I had said earlier. George Bush.”

“Then what’s Tony Blair’s picture doing on it?”

Enough! I am going back to my class. Please do inform me of what happens next.

I returned after an hour, only to find that the show was over. Oh at last! I even came to know that people from the YukTV had come to cover the issue. Suddenly some people went up to Arun and grumbled, “Did you invite us here for all these insults?” With a bit more of research, I unearthed that they were from YukTV. Principal had by mistake ordered them to clean up the grounds for all the mess that the college group had done.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

10 Replies to “Bushy Affair”

  1. yeah..i don’t get it either, amader university teo “Go Back Bush” posters lagiyeche and regular michils are being taken out, but what’s the point! … it’s not like Dubya is comin to JU or Calcutta, tahole ekhane poster mere, chechamechi kore ki labh!
    If they cud like put up similar posters at the Maurya Sheraton or demonstate in front of him, tahole na hoy kichu ekta hoto… but dumbasses like ‘him’ give so much joy to people all around the globe nah? wish amader ekhaneo effigy porano hoto… sounded like real fun 🙂

  2. Go to GOOGLE (www.google.com)

    And search for the word –> Failure
    And see the first search item

    And don’t dare press on “I AM FEELING LUCKY” button

    Straight to official website of the biggest failure…

  3. @euphoric, vivek: And can you tell me how many good things happened after Rand de Basanti Released? Did a real probe on MiG issues take place?

    @arpan: Quite a comment!!! Thank you boss!

    @ziggety, funky: That bas***d tried his hand at making chappatis! Guess he is preparing for a domestic endeavour.
    And oh… he says his main trade agenda this time is “MANGOES”!!! Oh how sad that our national mango price will go up. (BTW, did he refer to mangoes as fruits or… ? just askin)

    @kuldip: and see whose the second link is of….. who else… Michael Moore!! What a coinci!

  4. haha..useless protesting. India is a democracy and someone in cnn-ibn pointed it out we have the freedom to protes. Many people don’t have that luxury. People of Iraq now have the power toprotest. Thoogh at the moment, it’s doing more harm than good.
    SFI and all lefty students of JU and calcutta should ponder about the fact that their protests, however earth-shattering failed to have any impact on Bush. Why? Elementary my dear commies, you don’t have a vvote in an american election.

  5. ziggety just stole my words, yeah look at yesterday’s TOI the mother fucker’s talked about the budget in relation to dubys, ridiculuous, and have you read about the kind of money being spent for the dumbass, they could give us some share and well a dubya joke to round up my comment:
    “The only thing that DUBYA ever checked out of a library was LAURA”

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