Religious Stupor

Just how much can the peak of hypocrisy tolerate? Had human brain been a readable book, I guess being dirty, pervert, dishonest, evil, etc would have had a different meaning altogether. And that telepathy is still not sold at the Radioshack, should give us all a tinge relief.

Today, I came across this on my apartment staircase. I have nothing much to say about this.

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  1. i guess in today’s life dreaming in sleep is actually better than living it. Atleast dream fulfills our wishes. When you dream can u tell that it’s a virtual reality? If I can, then also I’d prefer to stay in it…

  2. sis you have DEMONStrated the true state of god/goddesses. We spent millions worshipping god and this is what happens at the end of the day. Why do we have to spend money to worship god? Why do we have to make extragavant pandels during durga puja? Why? Cant we just stop all this unproductive use of money say for just one year and donate or invest all that in developing India’s infrastructure.

    Read more at and

  3. Weird snap. Sadly doesn’t arouse any sentimets except the fact that the bathroom fittings need a paint job and maybe you’re talking about the imminent world of severe water scarcity.
    No offence

  4. @vivek: i wonder y then ppl call it virtual ‘reality’!? see… even there they are stuck to the reality part!

    @kuldip: went through ur links. and had lots to digest. will put downn my thoughts when they are all collected.

    @manish: Let aside offense, in fact I am really happy that these didn’t evoke any sentiment in u. And that the world needs to be informed about the scarcity… but who cares about the needs anyways. Isn’t it?!

  5. I guess, this post calls for some revealing to be done. I have had some feedback that I would like to express here. And since I have not taken permission from the concerned person before putting down the IM conversation here, so I am trying my best to maintain anonymity.

    anon: saw your blog. frankly speaking neither did I understand the meaning of part 1 or now part 2

    me: *smile* its ok, no chaap
    me: i appreciate ur frankness

    anon: ki ekta baaltir chobi post korechis (a bucket of some sort)
    anon: *rolling on the floor laughing*

    me: well… baltir bhetor ta dekhechhilish? *laughing* (did you see inside that bucket?)

    anon: kichu ekta poore aache, bughte paarchi na (something is lying inside. Cannot understand what it is)

    me: good! thats the idol of goddes saraswati inside a dustbin
    me: just the day aftr saraswati puja

    anon: ok so what ?
    anon: I have seen people stamp on the Indian flag right after Independence day

    me: ok

    anon: that to me is more a insult that that balti and saraswati!

    me: well… next tym if i see that ….. i will post that
    me: i guess its better to compare with a minimum absolute than an extreme
    me: *wink*

    anon: maybe that’s more interesting, than this goddess stuff

    me: well… depends upon hw much a person can be interested in other’s interest
    me: *smile*

    anon: i c

    me: i am running low on battery. am going to sleep
    me: bye ha

    anon: bye…
    anon: good night

    me: good night

    Well, i just can’t help but feel pity on this person. And also feel that he is one of the majority! Huh

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