Demonition of Demi-God

Shattered pieces of glass shine like diamonds under the light but remain dead when engulfed by the blazing darkness.

Not physics, rather the hint is towards the realm of metaphysics. Beleif, faith, religion, fanatics, riots, death, blessings, miracles, why.

When we put that ten rupee note into that man-made box marked “donations,” why don’t we ever wonder who actually gets that money?

What power makes the mountains stand tall and live out the test of time?
What drives the physically challenged to searched for imaginations in a light-starved cave?

What, why and where? Would you had believed, if you knew that He was not omnipotent or omnipresent?
Men in history were revered for their omnipotence and omnipresence. Hitler, Mussolini. Gods?!

Why then is he locked by the bars? Why then is he left to the scorching heat and the dripping clouds? Why do beggars swear by him? Why does even they-who-must-not-be-named also wear the shrines?

He… nothing but a “significant remnant of our superstitious past”

10 Replies to “Demonition of Demi-God”

  1. Quite right Shama, quite right. We should pity on ourselves. Well, what can be said about this? I dont know.
    Just pretending to be blind to these is wot we do, but isnt it time for us to open up our eyes?

  2. hi shamasis,
    somehow the link u sent about ur latest log entry does not open. just double check it.

    anyways it is great to see u becoming a pro by the day. keep it up. and if anywhere u need my help then let me know.

    take care
    be well….

  3. @arpan: In all these days, I have seen an urge in you to do something good for the world. That is really good. But, tell me one thing… how much practical is for one person to ‘change’ this world?
    However, if we all individually be good. That is, we remain true to ourselves. Then ssoner or later a small community will form, thosw who would do good to the world. (Even this seems impractical.)

    Personally, at times, I feel that human beings are genetically prone to their own destruction. Pity.

    @Yogesh: I have re-checked the link. It seems to be fine. You please visit again. 🙂


  4. very thought provoking!
    it has provoked my thoughts, i am thinling. well still thinking. i guess a little too much. and be sure when ive reached a conclusion ill post it here.

  5. Cholbe Shama da, stumbled on your blog today. Nice one. Thought provoking post. The 2nd & 3rd pic, as stated by Saugata was ironic. Enjoying life? What happened to the Voices website?

  6. @kuldip: your screen name (kg) rea;;y did suggest that the four words carried a very heavy meaning!

    @saugata: i hope that you would continue (i mean… get time…) to post comments here.

    @babelfish: good that u dropped by at my blog. i hope u will like all my future posts.

    @euphoric_dreamz: euphorically precise comment as usual!!!! >:D< guys... this guy too shoots well (i meant pictures,) do visit his blog when possible. ovmnu: I hope that URL link u provided is not your website!!!! And do post about what you thought!

    sayan: Nice to hear from you too. Voices will have a forum of its own. But for that The Statesman needs to spend a paltry Rs. 5000 for the server space or else provide their own server-space. I haven’t yet spoken to Gopali’di regarding this. But will do so, soon!

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