Live Not a Carcass

Simply because there is no road, does not mean that the journey stops. Perhaps, after the meandering journey of our lives, all of us do reach an end. But, as someone had said, “at the end it is the journey that matters the most.”

Occasions remind us of the end — birthday, anniversary, new year and more.

Truant may be the comprehension,
But not so likely haggard.
The myth lies within the importance
And importance resides within the carcass.

And such occasions provoke to reflect back at the days that is thought to be wasted. Back at the days where the mind could do something else, something productive, something conducive, something different but surely… something ‘else.’

And barely after the trial of time,
The valiant warrior ponders,
Had he rehearsed before the time of trial.
He could then have done wonders.

Even the most accomplished existence treads this pattern of thought. Why? Well… the answer lies in the word ‘else.’ Somehow, the insatiable greed of humankind for defining something undefined, results in such an elusive advocation.

Thus, at the end, I too wonder: “What have I done through the passing of time?” Yes, I try to console myself with so many credibilities that I assign myself. But, are they real? Has my existence done a single thing that has helped something?

Mother Teresa had the same question. And Guess says that you too have the same question. Any deviation from this is just another self proclaimed credibility to satisfy the mind.

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