Fate of Silhouette (Part 2)

PS: Thanks to Shubho for his wholesome patience while I shot the frames. And also thanks to Srinivas Kumar, whom I met only a few weeks ago (on the net) and he told me how to use “depth-of-field” effect of my Camera.

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  1. Wonderful lines …
    One small advice: While going through this small journey do not forget to enjoy yourself. Do not think of where the journey will take you, but marvel what you are seeing now!

    Continue your wonderful blog. I actually shared it with a friend of mine here. It is refreshing to come across a balanced and creative individual, and makes me proud to see and read your page.

    Happy Holidays.

  2. …a sojourn beyond the universe, a fistful of crumpled gray hairs and a wrinkled life later he would still be amazed by the simple privacy of the dying sun, the truth it’s pockets ambushed, the unconcious truth we live all day, only to kill them at night…for is not the bed a sunset of its own ?…sleeping our own galaxy every time..only to redeem tomorrow the phoenix from her ashes again.

    He had seen the sun die, from many a sky around the globe, yet the dying sun never ceased to amaze him…

  3. Manosiz’da: Aye Aye sir!!

    Romit’da: This reminds me of someone. Someone autumn that withered away in its own cause, where the beholders beckoned him as just another season. Who ois he?

    PS: Note the striking difference between the first two and the following ones. I am disappointed. 😉 (I guess, you guessed my thought.)

    Rwitayan: You flatter me! And it would hurt lots when people will remove the ladder! So, I guess, I need to have my cushions ready.

    Shubhro: Thanks for your visit. I am elated!

    PS: These pictures are pure unedited (except the watermark overlayed at the bottom of each.) I still have the original images on my cam. You ay have a look at it. And there are live witness (which includes some of your friends!) 😉

  4. …Why…?
    why think of the inevitable?
    njoy the present, don’t spoil(time,mood,) the present,
    to feel the future or, ponder on the past.
    Anyways! pics are good.(seen them before)

    -> Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year>>>>>>

  5. Amazing photography. Do let me know how you manage to capture the flying birds everytime? Keep clicking my most ‘sophisticated’ friend.

  6. tanker: “The ability to control one’s own destiny is not to allow the inevitable to happen”

    – Shamasis Bhattacharya

    kuldip: Thanks again! Well… about the birds, ask some of my friends who accompany me to the shots. They will surely tell you and will tell you with great disgust for the amount of time I spend per picture!!

  7. Shama,
    I have no words for pictures, I dont think ur pictures still need some adjectives to be described, they speak for themselves. But your writeup is brilliant and true to life. You wouldnt believe, even I was thinkin of something similar since the last few days. I have been thinkin of what all we do,what all we think about the ones who are helpless, especially children. Lets join our hands, I am sure, the circle we make by that will be large if not large enough.

  8. I really loved the pink sunset. But I really enjoyed the dark trees where the dusk collected in pools of darkness – poetry of perspectives

  9. We live in the midst of such beauty and sometimes it’s a captured frame that brings the beauty of everyday things to our eyes…I showed these pictures to a friend who has always critisized Calcutta and who thought the lakes were nothing great…your photos captured the beauty I’ve always seen but been unable to point out to others. Amazing!

    Wish you a wonderful, happy year ahead!

  10. arpan: To be very frank everyone thinks of joining hands to do something good. However, I feel that if all of us try our personal best to be good to ourselves and to the world, then automatically the world becomes a better place to live in. (Though I know that I am expressing an Utopian fantasy!)

    manish’da: And as always your eyes are as sharp as focussed sunrays.

    babelfish: Pleased to be at your service, dear. Nevertheless, you just make me feel that I should not stop.
    Thanks for your wishes. Wishing you a happy year too.

  11. hey sis
    whats up? havent seen a new entry on a blog from a long time.. come on put something new… its been over a month now..

    i got inspired by you and started my own blog (kulxp.blogspot.com) and now you are not publishing ur thoughts…

  12. @kuldip: I am honoured to hear that you started your blog after being inspired by me! Nevertheless, it is actually your humble feelings that spoke those words. Thank you.

    I guess, like most people who visit my blog, I too feel the “quality” aspect should be prioritized. Hence, owing to my poor health, lack of inspiration and non-creative projetcs, that I could not blog on time. But, sure enough I will do it soon. And will also inform you all.

    Take Care.

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