Hapless Gemini

And when you come ‘down’,
To my city of amorous joys.

Amidst a social chaos in a plethora of faiths,
Fantasizing and prostituting religion,
Loud vociferation of hypocrite secularism
And to sum it all: “a diverse culture!”

Amidst constituted vindictive politics
Unaccounted powers, vested by unaccounted population;
Where every ballot is a dramatized guillotine –
In the world’s most comprehensive constitution.

Countless crippled NGOs amidst imposter donation camps.
Beggars with contemptuous eyes behind the dark glasses,
Exposing children borrowed for fifteen rupees an hour.
In a city one among the top ten developing!

Amidst the dwellers of vote-earning intrepid slums,
Meeting ends with their rehabilitation flats given on rent
And amidst hundred acre self-contained high-rise,
Of high society walls filled with fractures of poor workmanship.

Amidst unkempt crowded lanes
Meandering between rows of pomp hawkers,
And six-lane highways,
Built keeping the state in debt.

Amidst unemployed abstract poets
Dying out of sheer mediocrity of the audience.
And son of a son of an engineer,
One more among the thousand complacent self!

Amidst six hundred Chevrolet Optra
And thirty thousand Auto-rickshaws,

Amidst you and amidst me.

I wonder where am I ‘up’ to, my city of idealized dreams!

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  1. Hard for me to criticize – since I am a theoretical marxist – i have strong views on the way the world is and hould be. Its harder still since I find it increasingly difficult to adhere to one ideology – and even more difficult to control my temper in face of ignorant arguments. History perused in an impersonal light provides answers – some too hard to accept – for truth never seizes to hurt – but it will seize to do so if one is unbound the irrational ideas of men trying to put a heart in a heartless world.

  2. Apropos to your predicament all i can suggest is that there is no universal doctrine that has been tailor-made to suit all your needs 24*7. You need to shape one for yourself. That makes our personal philosophies all unique and renders us the distinct identity we possess as rational creatures beyond the realm of biological mammalian existence.

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