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  1. Hard for me to criticize – since I am a theoretical marxist – i have strong views on the way the world is and hould be. Its harder still since I find it increasingly difficult to adhere to one ideology – and even more difficult to control my temper in face of ignorant arguments. History perused in an impersonal light provides answers – some too hard to accept – for truth never seizes to hurt – but it will seize to do so if one is unbound the irrational ideas of men trying to put a heart in a heartless world.

  2. Apropos to your predicament all i can suggest is that there is no universal doctrine that has been tailormade to suit all your needs 24*7. You need to shape one for yourself.That makes our personal philosophies all unique and renders us the distinct identity we possess as rational creatures beyond the realm of biological mammalian existence.

  3. @manish: heart or heartless, they are never absolutes (blue/black.)

    @alpha: If all that you got out of this is my “needs.” I then think, “24×7” is not defined in my dictionary!

  4. @euphoric: thanks a lot. that’s because i was expecting someone to ask about the picture and not about the piece below.

    Yes shubhro, the tone is natural! The reason you ask the question is also evident. So, lemme clarify that. Just like in analog camera you may get such a tone by using a film of high colour saturation, here, I have used the twilight mode to increase saturation and also adjusted the colour temperature response of my camera to 16000k.

  5. Please could you help me? I cannot see anything on luckitty’s blog – could you please give me the exact blog address?

  6. kintu pricep111 chobi te ..
    dhoa typer jinish ta ki ?
    And if u change the colour temparature settings , can u say that as a naturnal tone … donno ..
    Once again , nice pics.

    aacha see this blog :
    Its a by a friend of mine from collg..he uses a Nikon D70 ..

  7. @euphoric: arre all the pics are princep111…!!!!
    But, if you are talking about the 2nd pic (i.e. top-right one), then i guess you didn’t spend time watching the picture. come-on try to comprehend the abstract elements of a frame!

    That smokey thing in that picture is the under-focussed leaves of the tree right in front of me. I brought that in front of the frame and had to manually set four focus pints in Mulyi-point focus mode and carefully remove the focus point from the leaf, so that it is not focussed! * phew *

    About the colour temperature. In analog cameras, you can have different colour temperature by having different films. You will be surprised to know (may not be surprised too) that there are cameras with facility of simultaneously loading multiple rolls! I have seen one with four roll-holder! Will you call that manipulation of pictures? If not, then my pictures are original too! In fact, these are on-camera settings. You know it better, how I don’t appreciate on-computer editing!

  8. Still, I love your pictures. =)
    I’m in this blogging world, my blog is all ok again, I only need to do an english version whenever I’m cured. Anyway, I’ll be around to check the future posts, great pictures as always.

    ~*~ Sweet Embrace

  9. @Luckitty:
    Thanks for your appreciation! And what exactly do you mean by “cured”?

    And about english version… I think you don’t need to bother that till we have sites like AltaVista Translator
    In fact, I read your first page as saying:
    “Still in reconstruction phase… it lacks as much thing… = (
    The content for yours blogs will be available inside of days in one pseudo-layshop that I am to create.

    It may not be that correct, but for all of us: “Onde hรก uma vontade de a, hรก uma maneira!”
    Err… technology bridges all possible gaps!


  10. I don’t know if there’s any need to add such translation tool (I don’t like the results… =/ it can get pretty incoherent). Anyway… I’ll see if it’s worthy to add such tool =) I appreciated the suggestion. Well… “cured” is like getting better of my influenza. I had been like this for about 2 weeks ๐Ÿ™ …

    I’ve already decided… I’ll look up for a translation tool to add to my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰ I know that whoever uses it… will misunderstand a lot of things LoL

    ~*~ Sweet Embrace

    by the way… the translation to portuguese is quite a mess Lol

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