Age and Innocence

When you swear, you do it in agreement with the hypocrisy of swearing!

But, I believe (strictly) that age is not merely the number of times we have revolved around the sun. And if you are a staunch believer of “standards,” you may disagree with me. This is not tricky. And I am not being sarcastic.

Since when I learnt that age comes at the cost of innocence, I wondered what it is when I bite into a bar of chocolate or start jumping for no rhyme or reason. Is it that I wanted back my innocence? Or is it that ageing made me sick? Nonetheless, when I still run behind a butterfly and imitate the crow as it crows, there is some feeling that is inexplicable. There had been recent times when I went to the zoo to have fun, times when I walked up the Pirate Ship, times when I messed my nose while biting onto a candy floss. And at all those time, I knew that I was recreating my days of milk-teeth.

Oh recall those moments when I fought with my friend on the stupidest thing on earth! There were goodbyes where I made a closed-eyed-wide-grinned face. Greetings had been initiated with fingers on my nose. Pictures taken with gifted horns! And all this while, knowing that I had supposedly crossed that “age.”

Imagine me being an engineering student. Imagine me going to an office. Imagine me running my own firm. And while some wonder at the absurdity of these imaginations, I imagine if I could sing a nursery rhyme that well.

You bet I will stick to it! Even when it will be time for me to cover my greys, I will be watching the Cartoon Network, (as well as CNBC, Discovery and HBO) getting a bite of the Dairy Milk and whatever not they expected me to do when I was young. Though being young had been just a word for me at the time when I was actually young. I would not like to compensate that throughout my life.

I don’t wanna grow up. I swear. And I promise that if you spend a day with me, you would surely end up saying “I felt a lot younger!”

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  1. Dear Shamasis,

    I totally agree with u. If there’s one thing i really miss it is my childhood and carefree life. Oh how i wish time wld turn back and i can again be tht naughty and uncontrolable kid tht i was.

  2. That you were a naughty and uncontrollable kid, is clearly evident from your face!!!

    And I believe that we can so well recreate our childhood. Its just a matter of thinking. So I, at times, mould myself into a kid and do all the kiddish stuff that I wouldn’t have done as a grown up.

  3. dear shamasis
    what do i say????? very well written..u really do the power to make someone go back to the past n forgotten days…..u really made me feel like a kid already while reading the post [though u do know..i really behave as a kid more often than now.

  4. Hmmm..Hmmm…It is too trully sentimental a topic to review. I am quite sure some other day – some other time I would love to agree with you. I have had too lorish a child-hood – summer holidays in old mansions – sojourns in verdant villages – something out of a storybook – a perspective that I know only now. But – But I still remember those days as I desperately wanted to grow up – to drive a red truck! I hate the complications that have become part of my daily deliberations – but I also believe that not all grow up – it was only me who did. Which of you are with me?

  5. Hmm! I always believed that for those of us who think this way, the only thing that grows old is the flesh, the mind always stays young!

  6. Well… I should rather say that I am glad that my acquaintances haven’t grown up that badly!

    @attreyee: you don’t need to mention. I still know what a “big” kido u r. But, sure enough I also know that you are a responsible kid. :-p

    @Vivek: By your allusion, I guess I understood what you wanted to convey. 🙂

    @Manish: See all with you, yet none with you! The grass at the opposite shore always seems greener. Even, I as a child wanted to grow up! And that is because we did not know what was at the other end. However, after growing up, if someone wants to turn back, then surely there is something substantial that is pulling him or her. (Not all are as lucky as you are when their childhood is concerned. And I wish that your entire life remains as prosperous as it can possibly be.)

    @euphoric_dreams: Nice to see that you have “grown” beyond your one-word-comments! And I too agree that growing up is power!

    @Ankur: You spoke my mind!!! >:D< @Sushir: And how do you prove that it is alive? Merely typing it won’t do. We need proof!!! :-p

  7. Children do not need proof to believe other children – all they require is to be one. 😉

    Fearing dejection is not what dreamers do.

  8. infinity has showered her magnanimous tunes on this post i won’t further lengthen the State Bankish queue.

    “Boro hoye bujhechi boro howa boroi shokto
    Boyosh er saathe kome jai chokher jol ..”

    – who but Anjan Dutta!

  9. Sorry to disturb you again…
    You said that luckitty couldn’t see my blog…I can’t see or enter her blog either…
    Please help!

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