Beginning What Already Begun

And if life was a flute: living then would be like air, hitting every blocked orifice till it finds a vent; and with every hit, losing an index from the exponent.

Trudging along for a long long time (in a very surreal definition of time itself,) I find that many of the frames that I imagine, fail to hit the canopy of the creative viands. Mostly so because “thoughts” by itself iareso sublime a mentation (or intellection) that mere images fail reciprocate the so-called “perifery” of the process. And that is why we are so ardent about the presence of a sixth sense.

Result? Well… few more lines! Yes. I have decided to key in a bit more of sentiments, with ofcourse the framed rudiments. And to begin it, I have resurrected my abstract’s name. (I prefer calling it a abstract, than a blog.)


p align=”center”>“Passe-partout”

Do reflect what it conveys to you (the name.) For a beginning of thing that has already begun, I will associate “short” thoughts to each frame I present. I will not go into mainstream (read: long-stream) blogging. Short, sweet and skin-friendly! 😉

* * *


Like the rudderless wind that envys the peaceful and pre-traced life of a stream and ignores its own infinite limitlessness, this unspoken man curses his job and trudges along – though having sold more joys than just Multi-National ice-creams.

The feeling of returning (wherever who cares,) coaxes the world to fall into sludgy haze; intoxicating you more than what any inebriant can get you to. The world slowly collapses into a blurred phantasm of imagination. Dream.

In the dreamy eyes: the world seems frozen. To the world: a dreamer lies frozen.

PS: Thanks to Romit’da for accompanying me to capture the above frame.


p align=”center”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

6 Replies to “Beginning What Already Begun”

  1. I guess I need to explain the meaning of the word “passe-partout

    I chose this name coz, it has a more poignant meaning than that cliché phraze “What Not Meets The Eye”

    The word is english and has a French origin. It has two meanings and that the 2 meanings are very significant gives it more of a food for thought.

    1. it means “a shelter/frame/encasement of a picture… very crude in construction.”
    2. it means “a gateway.. a universal entry to everywhere in every sphere of intellect.”

    I guess that both upholds my new approach for this blog and that the second meaning has further inner meanings to read between the lines.

  2. see i’m not someone who has a great literary sense. nor am i fit to comment about the changes in the style. all i can do is to encourage you to go ahead with the changes for i personally don’t believe in ever turning back. after all this place is according to your likings. so its upto you how you want to make it look like.
    however i think giving short articles along with the pics is a great idea. thats what separates a photo-blog from a photo-album. keep up the good work.

  3. Hmmm
    First of all let me shoulder some responsibility for this sudden Francophilia.After bombarding the limlighted gentleman with a plethora of obscure sounding French and Spanish blogs this end was inevitable or rather ‘immanquable’ as they say in that land of music and arts.
    Coming to serious issues i do have some points to pen regarding this altered edition of the blog which is causing so much altercation.Firstly I will make clear that I too preferred th earlier version where the dazzling display spoke out for themselves and coupled with minimalist words the treat was a special one indeed.Having said that however we cannot restrict the blog by commenting that picture blogs should be styled in a ‘certain way’ because then we will be behaving like some yanks I met in imdb who were aggrieved with Robin Williams asking his students to ‘listen to the sound of winds’ in Dead Poet’ Society as they thought it was a’guy’ movie where artists must size each other up by engaging in mindless and more importantly needless brawns.The content of any literary article and the percentage of visualization versus text is the sole discreetion of the author and any attemp to redirect that authority will only reflect immaturity on the part of the critic.
    Secondlythename.Pase partout sounds pretty impressive to the lay minds but i suspect that appreciation is much of the kind, one Mr Einsten recieved from people, who applauded him because they ‘did not understand him’.True ‘What not meets the eye’ falls behind in expectation both on subtlety and origianlty count but then again a trifle ease on benchmark can go a long way in buttressing audience interest.But therein compulsion.I myself write articles very few can relate too but then so what, a blog is an online diary which instead of the traditional one, enables others to have an access too.Its not a commercial venture like a movie or even a novel where the tastes of the masses has to be considered for profitability.The very idea of blogging generates from the spirit of diary where the creator has a compulsion to ‘truth’,albiet as he sees it and nothing else.In hurry to establish the medium as an alternative literary form let us not forget that

  4. Thank you all (till now) for your “views.” (Sorry for the quotes!)

    I think, readers/critics forms the stilt for any art-form. Any.

    And I am not being “diplomatic” or hypocrite by seeing… ‘I will keep all your views in minf.’ And not that everyone cares if views are kept in mind (or anwhere else for that matter!) But, if they do or don’t, guess, my subsequent posts will speak for themselves!

    As for as being “minimalistic,” refer the above paragraph.

    [email protected]@##$%&&??”… Passe-partout is an English word!

  5. Well the first association that leaps with subconscious and instinctive agility to Passe-partout is “around the world in 80 days” – the bumbling french servant of the indomitable phileas fogg! i guess my memory may be rusty and i may be getting my allusions wrong – but there it is!

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