Pastel-shade Skyline

And riding on the lap of the clouds, the arablest fired his shot.
It reached not the cupids orion, but kissed Eon’s love.

I wonder why, but clouds – in all its shapes, sizes and colour – seem to be always an ornating factor in all pictures. These are some pictures, where the clouds really look like the pearl in a fairies hand.

The first image is one of my favourites. It was clicked from ground-level. But, the angle of the shot was so adjusted with the orientation of the cloud, that it appeared as if its been clicked from above the clouds.

The second picture was taken from Howrah Bridge. The best part is that it was taken with 1 milisecond exposure time while the car was speeding at over 40 km per hour!

The third picture has a peculiar accent of/for the clouds, it appears as if the cluds are blue and the sky is white. (You can also count and tell me how many objects are attached and hanging with the tree!)

© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

11 Replies to “Pastel-shade Skyline”

  1. Yes… I knw that the howrah bridge’s pivture lacked the bridge itself. I just put the name to mention from where i clicked the picture. 😀 Nevertheless, the short thin row of houses and people standing at the bottom of the picture does create a good image. :-p

    And about the cloud-level pic u provided… it was really terific! However.. *sob* I haven’t had that lucky chance to fly high and click picture at the same time. 🙂

    @Atreyee: Thanks!

  2. amake eto opre na tullei ki noe. Aami borong more lucky je i have friends like you all, who can appreciate (or at least take pains to see) my works! >:D<

  3. Hey dude, nothin left for me to say.It is simply awesome.Thanks to people like you,we can still find out touches of nature in our in our city, which is fast losing its grip over us.

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