La Internazionale (Part II)

It is not always the case that one gets to have all picture that he/she wants, into one collection. And nowadays, it is a great trend to publish things in parts!! Take for instance the Hollywood movies. Nowadays, every one of them are having a part 2. Who knows when we might have Titanic II!!! (PJ)

Jokes apart, these are some more fine pictures of our very own Kolkata (India)! Believe me. 🙂

“The Red Road where the Independence Day Parade is held”

“From Above 2nd Hooghly Bridge”


p align=”left”>© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

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  1. well done syama, you are no doubt one of the best amateur photographers that i know off, keep up the good work, n yes do see my blog, well done, once more!!

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