Victoria Memorial

4th January 1906 witnessed the foundation of Victoria Memorial Monument in Calcutta by H.R.H. The Prince of Wales. Since its completion, Calcuttans are proud to exhibit the 64 acres of land with the building covering 338 ft by 228ft!

And, we Calcuttans never miss to capture this majestic beauty from all possible rhetrospection. Even, I thought to get merged with this cliché using my new camera. And after the marvel was achieved, I leafed through the pictures and thought… “is this Calcutta?!”

Yesterday, I was enjoying the fountain sprout of the newly constructed Elliot Park, when suddenly I got a glimpse of the Victoria Memorial. It wasn’t much in sight till I decided to put my Zoom into work! It is to be noted that all the above pictures are taken at around 5pm in the dusk’s twilight. The sky was overcast and light was a sensitive issue!

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