The Mantle Pool

One of the cherished beauty of Kolkata is its lakes. Some are really a releiving sight to the sore eyes of any city-dweller.

Though i couldn’t capture all the beauties … here is one of them. The Four lakes, part of the five lakes called ‘Panchashayar’, near our College in Garia, are on these pic. I will definitely get some more snaps… as and when they come up. The last picture was by Abhirup, my dear friend. He too is great at photography.

© Shamasis Bhattacharya
(Twentyone Innovations)

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  1. yeah, really nice pics. thanks for dropping by at my blog–i have a feeling i’ve heard your name before…have i? which school?

  2. well… u feel well! i mean… i am a bosconian. what about you? and knowing the name ‘shamasis’ means u know me. coz there is only one shamasis in entire world, (except in Russia!)

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