The Grey Unlimits

The colour grey is always associated with gloom and sorrow. But, through some images of mine, I am going to make you re-evaluate this conception. Such that even the grey sky can appeal, when the right object is in frame.

This time, when I went to Anurag’s house (though after a really long time,) I did not let go the opportunity to get some snaps from her buildings terrace. And to top it all, the partially cloudy and rain-oozing sky, did become a frame to worth recall. Especially when the bird whizzed by. (This time my hand was steady while shooting moving subjects.)

This last picture is totally owing to Anurag. She caught hold of these two kites flying high up. Though these kites were not visible from where I stood, it was her eye coupled with the power of zoom, that worked the magic.

© Shamasis Bhattacharya (Twentyone Innovations)

13 Replies to “The Grey Unlimits”

  1. Liked your snaps very much. I’m very curious what they would look like in B&W – especially Ansel Adams’ grey hues.
    I recently got into color, but am more of a B&W addict actually.

  2. i had worked on the grayscale athen’s hues. (mark me if i have misplaced the apostrophe)

    I would have loved to reproduce the images in BnW for you, but, as I don’t like digital editing… mmmmmm getting back the same lines would be next to impossible. Nevertheless, i will give it a shot.

  3. well… ignorance??!!! Not really! Its just that ‘Anurag’ is not in Wren & Martin!! :-p

    Anurag is actually an adjective and can be asssigned to any gender: male female or… errr…. Soumyadut! (someone whom i don’t know. *grinning*)

  4. they r indeed beautiful……shama….this s my 1st visit to ur blog…n i was quite spellbound by ur collection of pics….a treat to the eyes , i must say…..n boy, u r really talented..!!!!

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