Light Flanked Paradigm

Light fascinates most people and even challenges some. Atop my terrace at one in the morning, you don’t get the priviledge! And when someone whispers into my ears… “Catch me if you can!” the challenge even surmounts the critical boundary of the word ‘possible.’

NSC Bose Road From Terrace

When light is scarce and there is none to guide you, keeping your eyes wide-open is the best solution. I guess, I had been very eloquent on the terms of this picture. If one ever gets the chance to see from where I saw, it wouldn’t be hard to notice that everything except the street was in pitch darkness. However, over-exposing the image allowed me to bring forth certain beauties that were invisible to the naked eyes.

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  1. Congrats Shama!!Nothing much to say about your style of writing.Cool as usual.But you are fast becoming a pro with the camera I must say!Keep up the good work!

  2. hey i’ve got some experience with my camera too ! goto and search for photo albums by vivek_panda

    pls tell me how to create a RSS feed of the blog.

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