A Somnambulist’s Reality

The dreams of fantasizing resides the truant adore,
Of a temptation miles long.
Slithering on a jump-board cliffed from one shore.

Beliefs and ‘stitions cuddled under the stampede
Of the imaginations’ kaleidoscope,
Transient shadows carving shapes
Through ecliptic proportions that can never reborn.

The flims of the moment urges the tinge desire
To behold and worship The Power;
The Power to manifest.
Manifest dreams into reality.
Such that
The blind can feel it,
Caress it,
Till it gets conserved
Or consumes the being.

Reality is what haunts them.
The depths shoveled out from the gaping wounds,
Leave them too tired even to lift up
The tool of their desires.

For them: “Reach the Power
And remember to return back!”
See their faces from yet a new surface.
— a somnambulist’s reality.
Off it goes…
Or land it be.

5 Replies to “A Somnambulist’s Reality”

  1. Beauty.

    But your language is not simple & lucid at all. A rarity for young modern poets these days I must say. Keep it up!

  2. I could not understand anything of this piece……. eto kothin bhasa aj porjonto kono kobitay paai ni…….but i also feel (lyk othrs) that the poem seems 2 b very compact in its meanin n choice of wordz(though i cud nt mak out the essence)

    P.S.: sorry 4 this much delay in postin……

  3. Here is what I perceived from my poem.

    Somnambulist is a person who walks in sleep. For him, (using male gender for simplicity) reality is very much obscured. His dreams are also reality for him. Though…. its a dream for us!

    The dream of fantasizing… an oxymoronic symbol of speech, refering to the state of reality dream is also a reality by the fact that, some people do dream that they are dreaming. In their dreams they fantasize… to be something that they are not, to get something that’s forbidden, to live an endless life that’s afterall… mortal.
    This temptation is very very significant and very tedious… something like trudging a long long road that has diminished into the horizon, with no end.
    Not to mention that this dream (to us) is as risky and unstable as balancing one self on a jump-board that is firmly fixed at one side (i.e. The Somnabulist’s belief) but is loosely bound at the other side (for we the people.)

    These false beliefs (false to us, not to them) are comparable to superstitions, where the believer has many justifications and the non-believer has his logic too… these beliefs are afraid to make a stand and are mutiliated by the people, somewhat like a little child gets stuck in a stampede of thousands of people and lies cuddled on the ground with his knees locked between his hands – praying that no-one steps on him and that the crowd passes by.
    These beliefs (during these trauma of stampede) create many Transient images and create deep impact on their senses… but they are so transient that once these dreams are seen, they cannot be repeated again.

    Nevertheless, whoever says what, for the somnambulist, the spur of the moment gives them a strength… the strength to convert their dreams into reality… as if whatever they dream gets converted into reality… and they know that. These dreams-turned-reality have huge huge powers, and can create unimaginable impact on the sanity of a person. Even then, they do not stop dreaming. Its do-or-die. They will dream even till these dreams cause them to die in the so-called “our” real world.

    Thus, after they can convert their dreams to reality, these reality is what kill them. And they need to run away from it. (Note that this reality is actually a dream-turned-reality for them, but to us, it is “actual” reality. And in this cruel world, we humilitate those dreamers. (Imagine the state of those dreamers.. who know that even these humiliations are a part of their dream that turned into reality. Pity!)
    At the end, this constant fight makes these dreamers too incapable… even incapable to dream (tool of their desires).

    It is not over for them. They can still reach the power (to manifest). However, from our point of view, even the most sympathetic person will want these dreamers to come back to reality.
    Thus, he has no choice. He has to see that “reality” again. However, this time he sees it from a different point of view… the view of dreams-turned-reality.
    They are rising higher… (though height is a relative term) these dreams teaches them a lesson.. irrespective whether it makes them upright or brings them down to their knees.

    Here the somnambulist is just in figurative sense… he can be anyone… u, me, or anyone for that matter… the only thing is that… his dreams are reality.

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