Why In Vain

Why I write again
Why am I in pain
Why can’t things be right

Why you ask, why again?

Why can’t people do good
Why can’t dreams come true
Why aren’t things controlled

Why you ask why untold?

Why shall one see result
Why there needs be solution
Why can’t roads be smooth

Why you ask, why not understood?

Why is it always hard
Why not an easy start
Why is it tough to end

Why you ask, why this trend?

Why can’t minds be simple
Why can’t luck be ample
Why is this intrepid destiny

Why you ask, why this brevity?

Why aren’t the sobers free
Why are the robbers on spree
Why don’t the evil rot

Why you ask, why not fought?

Why are we still living
Why not living still
Why has life this futility

Why you ask, why insanity?

Why do you question lot
Why are advises sought
Why we’ll never know

Why you ask, why die slow?

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