Another Step Back Ahead

You feel the tender should,
But it does not when it could.
You plan its wean route,
It moves not in refute.

Peeping through your own eyes,
The dream is of wisps of cloud.
With wrinkled skins,
Feels that things never work out.

Still new at life’s game,
Responsibility is the illicit claim.
It is always experience
That assures a driveway.

But when life plays
With other’s emotion.
Tickles those gone astray
Bewildered saints of possession.

Your life finds escape,
You flee from your fears.
Feed on your own shape,
And curse your own jeers.

Finally you realize
How futile is life,
And relationships likewise,
All is but a setup.

Then life takes a new turn,
Starts to speak Hebrew.
And you are deep lost,
In the trance of the morning dew.

You leave behind your own waste,
And pick up new clothes.
Dress yourself as a clown,
Play jester of the rose.

But the past waits ahead
For a crack in the ceiling.
Awaiting a thunderstorm
For a drop in your bed.

And your dream is again shattered,
You look back ahead.
And you laugh at the days,
When life is all which mattered.

And we begin again,
A new life in a new dress.
Hiding our old wounds,
In a bolt of treasure chest.

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